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Caretakers of America is a Unique Rental Alternative

Caretaker service for vacant homes is an uncommon concept used to great advantage by homeowners, realty companies, financial institutions and relocation companies. Caretakers of America provides carefully selected adults — "caretakers" — to live in, tastefully furnish, and maintain homes during the period between an owner's departure and the property's sale. This valuable service from Caretakers of America provides a desirable, economi-cal interim living alternative for carefully-selected people who become Caretakers

Our Caretakers are singles, couples, families with children, and combinations of these. Typical Caretakers are homeowners themselves, often professionals relocating to the Denver area. 

Our Caretaker-occupied homes vary from condos to castles, urban to suburban, mountain and country. We match you and your furnishings to a property that fits your needs and lifestyle. Caretakers of America works with the Caretaker and the Caretaker's furnishings to "stage" the vacant house, transforming a cold, uninviting space into a warm, inviting home. 

Caretakers . . .


  • Live in attractive homes
  • Enjoy the opportunity to save money without compromising their style of living
  • Furnish ("stage") a vacant home tastefully with their own furnishings Care for the home, both inside and out, including yard care and snow removal
  • Keep the home in show-to-sell condition at all times and make it available for showings 8 am to 9 pm daily
  • Become sub-contractors of Caretakers of America — no landlord/tenant relationship nor long-term lease
  • Pay a monthly fee that is far less than the cost of rent for a comparable home; a nominal initial deposit fee; and utilities costs
  • Complete an application, provide photos of their personal furniture and accessories, and engage in a personal interview.



And when your Caretaker home sells, we find you another great Caretaker property — ready for you in time for your scheduled move. Many of our Caretakers choose to experience various locations as a Caretaker before deciding on an ideal area for more permanent residence. 

Contact us for more information about the Caretaker opportunity.