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Homeowners & Realtors

Why should I put a caretaker in my vacant home?

There are many reasons to put a caretaker in your home, you get free staging of the property for one. Our caretakers and their furnishings are matched to the "personality" of your home to make it show better. Your home will be in "show home" condition seven days a week! You also have the peace of mind knowing that someone is living in your home and taking care of it. For additional benefits see homeowner information or realtor information pages or contact us at (303) 832-2313 or by e-mail at .

How much does this service cost me?

There is no cost to Homeowners or Realtors/Marketing Agents. Think of it as a no cost way to "stage" your home.

What happens when I sell my home and you have a caretaker in the home?

We have a contract with our caretakers to vacate the home within ten days of the sale of the home. There is no Landlord/Tenent relationship created with our contract. So, you can rest assured that having a caretaker in the home will not affect your closing at all.

What happens if my home is damaged with a caretaker in it? How am I protected?

Caretakers are required to carry a $300,000 liability policy. Additionally Caretakers of America maintains an additonal $1 million in contractual liability insurance.

Who pays the utilities, water, and Homeowners Association Fees?

Each caretaker is obligated to pay all utility bills* and homeowner association fees* as well as trash removal, and to be responsible for minor home repairs. *Water/sewer @ $100/month maximum; homeowner association fees @ $100/month maximum.

For question not listed here, contact us at (303) 832-2313 or by e-mail.


How much are my monthly costs?

In exchange for maintaining the property and working harmoniously with the Realtors, our subcontractors pay a monthly fee that is 30 to 70% of the typical rental rate. The fees for our properties vary from $400.00 to $700.00.

Are there any other costs besides the monthly fee, that I have to pay?

Yes, you are responsible for all of the normal utility costs and Homeowners Association Dues, up to $100 monthly, if applicable. There is a maximum of expense to you of $100 monthly for water and sewer costs.

What is my relationship with Caretakers of America?

You have a contractual agreement with Caretakers of America, in essence you are a subcontractor for Caretakers of America. It is important to note that no Landlord/Tenent relationship is created when you occupy a Caretakers of America contracted property. You are obligated to care for the property as spelled out in our contract.

What are my obligations to Caretakers of America and to any property I occupy?

As a caretaker you pay all utilities and up to $100 of the Homeowners Association Fees (if they apply). In addition, you groom the yard and keep the home in "show-to-sell" condition from 8:00a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week.

To see how to become a caretaker, please contact us at (303) 832-2313 or by e-mail.


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