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Homeowners & Realtors

Make your home THE home to buy.

Caretakers of America was the first and is still the premier company in the U.S. to provide the caretaker service to homeowners and the real estate industry by transforming vacant houses into welcoming, cared-for homes that make it the home to buy no matter the market! Carefully screened and matched Caretakers care for and maintain the for-sale home in show-to-sell condition, 7-days a week. Caretakers of America’s professionally stage the home to create an attractive interior with livable appeal.

Free for Homeowners & Relators

Show to Sell Condition 7 Days a Week

Safeguarded against weather damage and vandalism

Save on costs & increase profit


With Caretakers of America a property is always in Show-to-Sell Condition.

  • In show-to-sell condition, inside & out

  • Safeguarded against weather damage and vandalism

  • Protected against insurance cancellation

  • Kept in Ready-to-Show condition from 8am to 9pm seven days a week


 Our tried & true application and screening  assures responsible Caretakers. 

We only place mature, motivated individuals who have been screened (background, credit, employment) as Caretakers. We evalute household furnishings of all Caretakers. Subcontractor service agreements are signed for all properties.



Advantages of using Caretakers of America to sell your home:

  • A caretaker is NOT a renter, but is a sub-contractor
    • As a sub-contractor, a caretaker must be ready to move within 10 days

      — Compare this to the 30-day notice for a renter and the possible loss of a sale

  • Caretaker must make the home available for showings at all times


  • Home continues to be insured as occupied, resulting in lower insurance costs

  • Caretakers are required to carry a $300,000 liability policy and

  • Caretakers of America maintains $1 million in contractual liability insurance 



The typical Caretaker is a homeowner themselves and understand the responsibilities of maintaining a home.

Often, our Caretakers are professionals who are relocating to the Denver area and value the opportunity to live in a attractive home while in transition. 



Caretakers of America saves you money. 


  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Eliminate energy costs
  • Property maintenance provided
  • Homeowners Association Fees paid (to $100)
  • Reduce/eliminate damage & vandalism
  • Reduce on-market turn-around time Realize higher selling price